So what's so special about this shop?

  • It makes your creative projects possible, and helps you leap forward. 
  • It is the showcase of a designer who wishes to transmit his passion and the pleasure of creating.

Would you like to take back possession of your living environment by easily creating functional, personalized, durable, responsible goods that you will be proud and satisfied with? That's what excites me!

Hello and welcome in my shop!

My name is Mario Savard, and I am a passionate designer (a bit intense) and manufacturer of products that materialize what is missing in big box stores to facilitate the creation of everyday objects.

You want to know more?

I've always had a penchant for DIY and mechanical creation, but it was when we moved into our house in Shefford that my passion for wanting to create our living environment materialized. During the renovations and fitting out of our home, I was struck by the lack of originality in the supply of furniture and decoration, the need to compromise, and the poor quality and durability of the affordable goods that we bought in store...

My brain was overflowing with alternatives and solutions."I don't want what I find in stores, I can do better"

It was then that I decided to take matters into my own hands, to take the ideas that I had in mind and to materialize them so that other "eternally dissatisfied" people could benefit from them. So I started Havenfab to design and manufacture these products.

Originally from Dolbeau, graduated in mechanical engineering technique in Jonquière, having worked in various metal processing companies as well as in engineering project management for an original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry, I am in perfect position so that I can carry out my personal creation projects and offer you the best possible products so that you too can take matters into your own hands and create your living environment!

mario savard